Blue Rain’s Remote Operational Management System (ROMS) is not only a possession management and planning system, but can also be used as a PICOP Simulation Training Workstation.

Using the workstation as an innovative educational and training solution enables trainees to quickly gain the skills and experience to deliver complex engineering possessions.

The system enables the PICOP to be assessed and trained under pressure to ensure he or she has the aptitude to deal with  real life stressful situations.

The Simulation Training package has been designed as a real life experience that tests the capabilities of candidates.

Innovative Simulation Techniques

With the trainer located in a separate room from the candidate the trainer logs onto the ROMS workstation to enable him or her to observe and record the candidate dealing with various  scenarios. Having created the scenario the trainer can play the role of key personnel involved in the possession such as the Signaller, Engineering Supervisor, Support Personnel and Train Drivers.

ROMS Simulation Training

ROMS Classroom System Training

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